During your cheap holidays abroad, you might want to have your accommodations at Calipso Guesthouse. You can do so many things here that would let you relax, unwind, and temporarily escape and forget the noise of the busy streets of the city. More than all of these, there are also a number of different apartments you can choose from, each offering exceptional ambiance and world-class services. Vacations spent here are truly and surely enjoyable, and remarkably unforgettable. Indeed, the apartments and rooms for rent here are incomparable.

Stopping in the province of Covasna, between the localities of Chichis, Chilieni and Coseni, the way that leads to the many Transylvanian resorts - that capitalize the potential of the underground sulfurous mophettas - it takes a strange turn. Descending downhill, it ends in a safe hidden place (safe of indiscreet looks and intentions). Here, you will find the building that took its name from the legendary nymph Calypso.

The story goes that, dazzled by Ulisse's beauty, Calypso retains him away from his way home for seven years.

At present, the guesthouse-restaurant Calypso proposes to offer pleasant moments of relaxation and repose, as well as appetizing dishes to those who take the way to the town of residence Sfantu Gheorghe.

Those who remain here to take rest are offered the possibility of choosing either the apartment or one of the 7 double rooms modernly equipped conforming to the clients' expectations, with permanent room-service.

The advanced convenience makes a perfect match with the pieces of furniture since the 17th and the 18th centuries.

There are not only the conditions that allure you to stay, but also the prices: 25 Euro a room for one night and 35 Euro the apartment as well for one night. In case your stay surpasses three days, you have the advantage of negotiating the price both as a person and as a group.

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